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What Does A Bailiff Do?
Did you know a bailiff is a law enforcement officer who is responsible for maintaining security, order, and decorum in the courtroom? From opening and closing the court, to administering oaths, to witnesses, to transporting criminal defendants in and out of the courtroom, the bailiff has a multitude of responsibilities that are essential to the […]
Three Tips For Choosing An Accident Attorney
Have you or a family member been in a car accident? If so, you may want to hire an attorney to protect your interests or seek compensation for your injuries. Choosing an attorney can be overwhelming, especially when you have never had to do so before. To help with the process, let us review three […]
How Can an Attorney for Wrongful Termination Help Me
Were you terminated from your job and do you feel that something about it seems wrong or downright unfair? You may have been wrongfully terminated, and a wrongful termination attorney may be able to assist you.  From a legal standpoint, if you were employed by a company with fifteen or more employees, you cannot be […]
How to Choose a Medical Malpractice Attorney Near Me
The point at which you decide to consult with a medical malpractice attorney usually correlates with a stressful time in your life, given medical malpractice involves an injury to yourself or a loved one. Many will hire the first attorney they speak with in an eagerness to obtain representation. Retaining the right medical malpractice attorney, […]
Tips on Helping Ensure Interactions with Law Enforcement are Safe
Being pulled over, detained or questioned by law enforcement can be an intimidating experience. Have you thought about how to keep yourself safe, should you find yourself in such a situation? Let us go over some tips to follow to help ensure interactions with law enforcement are safe.  The number one rule for safety may […]
Can a DUI Be Reduced to a Reckless Driving Charge?
Being charged with a DUI is a serious charge, which can result in many trickle-down implications. Did you know that it can not only damage your personal reputation, but also result in the loss of employment and make it difficult to obtain future employment? Your driving license and other professional licenses, such as a nursing […]
Tips on Updating Your Employment Manual in the New Year
As the eagerly awaited 2021 arrives, do you know what updates your employment manual will need in the new year? Let us review some tips to assist you with this.   In light of recent Supreme Court rulings, you may want to revisit the sexual orientation and gender identity provisions in your employment manual. This summer, […]