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4 Safety Tips to Celebrate Safely This July 4th Weekend
Are you looking forward to summer celebrations such as the Fourth of July fireworks? Fourth of July can be a fun tradition, but it can be important to think about staying safe. Let us review 4 tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe this year.  1. Obey local laws. If fireworks are […]
3 Ways To Protect Yourself If Injured At A Backyard Barbeque
Can you believe summertime and barbeque season is finally here? In Florida, where it can feel like summer all year round, backyard barbeques are commonplace. Although most of the time these barbeques and outdoor parties go off without a hitch, serious injuries can occur and it can be important to understand how to protect yourself […]
Did you know that, under a new Florida bill recently passed in both the state House and Senate, crime victims will be allowed to present “reliable hearsay” as evidence in their cases, when they are seeking restitution for lost or damaged property? It is up to the governor whether to sign off on the legislation, […]
Florida has traditionally had a no-fault insurance system called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). All Florida drivers were required in the past to purchase PIP coverage when registering any type of vehicle in the state. This type of coverage meant that any Florida individual injured in an accident would be held responsible for covering the cost […]
Tips on Recording a Police Encounter
Over the last few years, we have seen that bystander videos can be a critical element in documenting and exposing police misconduct. If you are confronted by the police or come upon a situation you believe merits recording, would you know how to handle it? Let us review some tips on recording a police encounter.  […]
Can Your Personal Computer be Seized?
From Dateline, to Netflix documentaries, to CSI, television has certainly shown us the role computers play in criminal investigations. So, can your personal computer be seized? It can. Let us discuss how it can be seized and what happens to the computer after seizure.  If the police are investigating you for any crime where evidence […]