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Tips on Updating Your Employment Manual in the New Year
As the eagerly awaited 2021 arrives, do you know what updates your employment manual will need in the new year? Let us review some tips to assist you with this.   In light of recent Supreme Court rulings, you may want to revisit the sexual orientation and gender identity provisions in your employment manual. This summer, […]
Deciding Your Employment Policy When it Comes to Voting this Year
As Election Day draws closer, have you, as an employer, revisited your employment policy with respect to voting or considered establishing them if none are in place?  This may be especially important in the time of COVID-19 where in-person voting may be too risky for the employees.  Generally, employers should always have a plan on […]
Balancing Employee Rights with Employee Privacy During COVID
Have you considered how to balance employee rights with employee privacy during COVID-19? These unprecedented times have raised many interesting and complex concerns. During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees returning to work may have privacy concerns about providing extensive health information to employers. Likewise, employers may worry about balancing employees’ privacy rights against health and safety […]
Are Employers Doing Enough to Protect LGBTQ Rights in Florida?
Did you know Florida is one of the 30 states in the US that does not have any law in place to protect the LGBTQ community against discrimination? None of the anti-discrimination laws prohibit employers from firing their employees or turning away customers based on their sexual orientation. Supporters of the LGBTQ community have been […]
3 Employment Tips for Tallahassee Employers to Start the New Year
Employment concerns are a relatively constant aspect of managing a business. Making good decisions can mean the difference between a successful new year and one that involves headaches, lost productivity, and potential lawsuits. Failing to establish sound hiring protocols, or procedures for handling inappropriate workplace behavior, for example, can lead to a number of avoidable […]
How to Help Your Employees Manage Stress
In every job or industry, employees will experience stress at one point or another. Unfortunately, stress affects everyone, regardless of your occupation. The American Institute of Stress notes that approximately one million workers are absent from work every day due to stress. We know that work can be stressful at times, but as an employer, […]
Hiring Practices You Need in the New Year
Every business owner knows that their organization is only as good as its employees. Quality employees perform wide-ranging tasks to support the stability and growth of a company or firm, including interfacing with clients and customers. With so much riding on them, upgrading your hiring process may prove invaluable in the new year. There is […]
5 Best Practices for Employers During Holiday Parties
An end-of-year holiday party is a great way to celebrate your organization and the contributions of your employees. If done well, they can be a ton of fun, offer important relationship building opportunities and boost morale ahead of another new year.   There are also, however, plenty of potential pitfalls that could turn your well-intentioned […]
How Much Time Can You Take Off from Work Over the Holidays
The holiday season is an occasion for families and friends to get together, for taking vacations, and for workplace responsibilities to wind down until after the New Year. Even with the festivities in the air, bear in mind, time off from work is not automatic. On the contrary, employees should be careful about taking extra […]