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How Can You Practice Proper Safety During Hurricane Season?
Hurricane season for the Atlantic seaboard runs from June 1st to November 30th. Are you and your loved ones prepared? It can be stressful when the weather is uncertain. Though most storms can be harmless, the weather can turn sour at any moment. But, despite this uncertainty there are key steps that can be taken […]
In Case of Emergency: Evacuating During a Hurricane
With hurricane season in full swing, it may be more important than ever to know how to guard yourself against harm. Natural disasters pose a threat not only to infrastructure and personal property, but to your safety as well. How can you protect yourself from the worst of what hurricane season has to offer? Let […]
Make a Plan to Prepare for Disasters this National Preparedness Month
Many of us know how devastating the effects of a disaster can be. Unfortunately, many disasters arrive with little to no warning, leaving minimal time to prepare. The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is already in full swing and has already seen the creation of various tropical storms. Your safety and the safety of your loved […]
Save Early for Disaster Costs this National Preparedness Month
Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? This month is meant to highlight the importance of emergency planning for families and the community. This year’s theme is Prepared, Not Scared. As we approach the middle of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, many of us remember the devastating impact that last hurricane season brought […]
Did You Know The American Red Cross Has Resources Available For You?
As a state that is impacted by hurricanes, did you know that the American Red Cross has many resources available for you? Many of us have seen or experienced the devastating aftermath of hurricanes in Florida. Unfortunately, these negative effects tend to be worse through a lack of preparation ahead of time. As hurricane season […]
Hurricane Tips for Floridians for Before and After a Hurricane Passes
As all Floridians know, hurricanes are enormous, violent storms with the potential to cause great damage across huge swaths of land. Staying safe during the storms is critical, but so is remaining safe after a hurricane passes. The latter is particularly important for Floridians who find themselves in the cone of destruction and are more […]
It has Been Months Since Hurricane Michael, but Disaster Continues
Hurricane Michael stormed through the Florida Panhandle in October of last year, leaving mass destruction in its wake. The storm, which was one of the strongest hurricanes on record to make  landfall in the panhandle, caused catastrophic damage from 155 m.p.h. winds and storm surge and left 2.5 million without electricity, and thousands without homes. […]
Should I Accept the First Offer From My Insurance Company for Hurricane Damage?
Hurricanes are devastating natural disasters affecting millions of Americans every year. Sadly, those lucky enough to survive the violent mega-storms are often left to pick up the pieces to their lives, quite literally. Property damage to homes and businesses can range well into the billions. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies during such challenging times can […]